Tell your story with a human touch using hand drawn illustrations

Professionally hand-drawn icons and illustrations to visually communicate any message.

Hand drawn illustration of a fairytale book with a knight on a horse riding up to a mountain defended by dragons from the CNVS visual facilitation illustration collection

What’s in the CNVS library?


Content Areas

Visual and abstract containers for different types of content


Major frameworks and layouts for workshops and infographics


Pre-built scenes and backdrops to use for your exercise and content areas


Guide your audience using a variety of visual connectors



Visualised metaphors and concepts to illustrate your content


Create your own scenes using objects and places


Single person poses, or multi-people scenes  tell relatable stories.


Guide your audience using a variety of visual connectors


Visually highlight information and guide users with various directional arrows


Take your visuals outside and add natural elements to your page


Various shapes and smaller details that frame content and add depth and motion


Emphasise important text with hand-drawn letters and numbers in a variety of styles.









Build your foundations using building blocks and templates

Lay out the structure of your content with exercise areas, content containers, and layouts..For those who create workshops, we have specific frameworks and templates to match different methods.

Hand drawn workshop template with a hand from the drag and dropHand drag and drop icon editor placing a visual framework into the visual library
showcase features

Connect your content with paths, tracks and arrows

A good design tells your audience where to go next. Use our wide variety of visual connectors to create intuitive journeys.

Hand drawn illustration of a winding path with map pin icons and a bridge connecting the two sides

Build your own scenes with objects, people and places

For the storytellers who like to build their own worlds, we have a whole collection dedicated to objects, places, people and scenes with which to craft your own unique environments.

Hand drawn illustrations for the CNVS workshop template scene builder featuring a hand drawn tent, scroll, campfire and sunny horizon
showcase features

Make your content relatable with people-centric poses

From single person poses, to vibrant scenes of many, we’ve got a plethora of people illustrations to illustrate you messages and form human-relatable content.

Three hand drawn people from the CNVS workshop illustration collection holding question marks and clouds

Visualise abstract metaphors and concepts

How does one visualise ‘Transparency’ or ‘Trust’? What about ‘Diversity’, ‘Inclusion’ or ‘Gender Equality’?These are just a few of the many hard to visualise concepts that we’ve got covered. So no matter how abstract your message, there’s an illustration to match.

Hand drawn illustrations from the CNVS icon set showing the different search terms that match different visual metaphors

Add emphasis with text in a variety of styles

No design is complete without paying attention to text and font styles. We provide letters and numbers in various fonts with which to draw attention to important details.

Hand drawn fonts from the CNVS visual design set showing three different fonts that spell out 'Love from CNVS'

Decorate your design with motion, energy and flourishes

No design is complete without a few final touches, and so we’ve got a whole range of decorative elements you can use to embellish your designs. Whether you need small details to indicate motion, or borders and motifs to frame off your content, we’ve got a stack of items for you to choose from.

Hand drawn illustrated scene to depict tension using the visual metaphor of a tug of war between two people with lots of hand drawn icons exploding and flying around

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