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Popular questions we've been asked about CNVS, and other important things you might want to know.

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Access to the content

Will the content be mine to use forever?

Yes!! As soon as you pay, you get access to all the materials that you can download locally and keep forever.

You will receive updates to the collection during the 1 or 2 years you choose from purchase. After that, you can still use everything you downloaded within the 'Updates' period, but you won’t receive any collection updates after that date.

What other tools can I use CNVS with?

All of 'em!

Miro, Mural, Concept Board, Powerpoint, Keynote, Google docs... need we go on?

Some tools (like Google Slides and Keynote) don't accept SVGs, so you have to use the PNG exports of CNVS in those instances.

Go forth and enjoy drag and dropping lovely visuals all across your workflow!

Do I have to use a fancy design tool to change the colours?

Noooooooo! No fancy design tools / skills needed!

When you make your purchase I will send you links to a choice of two apps you can use. These are icon management apps that keep life easy, organised, and enable drag and dropping, colour changing, and personalisation.

What will happen if I change computers?

We suggest you keep a copy of the CNVS files in cloud storage like Dropbox or Google drive. That way whenever you change computers, the visuals remain safely stored.

Are there any training materials?

Of couuuuuurse! We've got a big ole annotated Miro board with instructions and examples, alongside a growing library of tutorials on Youtube.

You'll receive an onboarding sequence to get you on your way, plus Tik Tok will keep you inspired in bitesize chunks.

I'm concerned about the learning curve, will it take me a long time?

CNVS is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, using an app with a simple interface that makes it easy to find and use the assets you need.

Plus, we offer a range of tutorials and resources to help you get started, including video tutorials and step-by-step guides.

I'm concerned about the cost, is CNVS worth the investment?

CNVS is sooooo worth the investment - on the condition you use it of course. 

If you consider that a standard industry rate for a professional illustrator usually falls between €75 - €125/hr, we'd say you're getting a pretty darned good steal for your money!

Our product is competitively priced compared to other visual asset libraries, and our massive library of over 7,000 assets means you're getting excellent value for your money.  

Not least there are no paywalls that cut off access when you unsubscribe. Thousands of illustrations are yours forever, noice!

Will it be useful to me?

I'm not a designer, will CNVS still be useful to me?

Absolutely! CNVS was created specifically with non-designers in mind.

Our toolkit can help anyone who wants to add visual interest and context to their presentations or workshops, with or without prior design experience.

Changing colours is a breeze, compiling scenes is super fun, and we are building up a large bank of educational resources and examples to get you started and inspired.

I'm not a workshop facilitator, so I don't know if this is for me.

Great question!

CNVS is designed for anyone who needs to create visual content for workshops, presentations, or other communication purposes.

It's particularly useful for visual facilitators, designers, thinkers, and note-takers. However, if you're someone who is looking for a tool to make your content more visually appealing and engaging, CNVS is also perfect for you!

The best part is that our library is constantly growing and evolving, so there will always be new and exciting assets to work with.

I already use free stock images and icons, what makes CNVS different?

Firstly that's great you're already using visuals in your work - high five!

While free stock images and icons are a great starting point, a problem that often occurs is that they lack consistency when taken from different sources, and may not fit your specific needs.

CNVS aims to overcome this challenge by offering a massive library of consistent, high-quality assets that are specifically designed to meet the needs of visual facilitators and storytellers.

Plus, our library is constantly growing, with new assets added regularly based on user feedback. So expect to be able to feed into the roadmap with visuals that are truly useful for you and your audiences.

How do I know if CNVS will have the visuals I'm looking for?

CNVS offers a massive library of over 7,000 assets, organized into three folders to make it easy to find what you need.

Our library includes everything from building blocks like matrices and tables, to decorative elements like people, objects, and visual metaphors. Plus, we're constantly adding new assets based on user feedback, so if there's something you need that we don't have, let us know!

With your support, the plan is to keep designing and building based on what you tell us, so that we can achieve the ultimate goal: CNVS - "the Canva of illustrations."

I'm worried that using CNVS will make my work look generic and unoriginal, how do I avoid this?

Totally understand, but really have no fear!

CNVS is designed to be flexible and customisable. You can easily change the look and feel using different colours, effects, and the wide range of assets that can be combined and customized to suit your specific needs.

We also offer a range of tutorials and resources to help you use our assets effectively, so you can create unique and engaging visuals that stand out from the crowd.

Check out our Examples page for a host of inspiration for making your designs unique to you.

I'm not sure if I need visual elements in my work, can you convince me?

Garrgh, I don't think we have enough time for this one!

There's a plethora of research that shows how visual aids greatly enhance memory retention and engagement, making it easier for your audience to remember and understand your message.

Plus, adding visual interest to your work makes it more engaging and exciting, which is especially useful (and persuasive!) when presenting to clients or colleagues.

Or even for yourself - when you take that little bit of extra time to tidy up your notes visually, you digest and retain the information further. Extra bonus - it makes it very nice to return to visually captured information rather than scraps of notes all over the place.,

With CNVS, you have access to a massive library of high-quality, consistent assets that can help you take your work to the next level.

I don't have a lot of time to create visuals, how does CNVS help?

Absolutely! CNVS is a huge time-saver for busy visual thinkers.

Our vast library of pre-made assets allows you to quickly and easily create visual content that is both high-quality and consistent. Plus, an intuitive app makes it easy to find the assets you need, when you need them.

Licensing and Usage

Can I use CNVS in my social media

All the yeses! Go forth and get creative with CNVS across all your channels 🚀

Do I have to credit CNVS

There are only a few times you should credit CNVS - please check the License Agreement to familiarise yourself with all the terms.

The main times are:

  • If you are transferring a document or workshop template to a client as part of a project
  • If you are hosting a workshop in a tool that doesn’t allow prevention of image downloads (Mural is one that I know of)

In which cases you must include a reference that says the images are licensed to that specific template and shouldn't be used elsewhere.

You can find the logo, text and link to be included on the License Agreement.

Can I upload my work to free template libraries like Miroverse or the Mural Community

Currently CNVS adopts the standard practice of allowing use of the visuals for your personal and commercial work, but not for public distribution.

To allow everyone to upload templates creates multiple risks for all of us - not least the ability for non-customers to access and take the assets, a situation that would be impossible to control and could negatively affect the CNVS brand.

If this is something that is important to you, please provide more insights via the below form.

Register interest in publicly distributing templates

Can I sell stand-alone templates using CNVS?

TLDR: The simple answer is no - or at least not yet.

You can of course use CNVS in your work with clients - including templates for them. Check the License Agreement  to get friendly with what's allowed and what's not.

I've set the terms based on a comparison of standard design licenses from over 10 similar established products, none of which allow selling of design templates 😔.

To allow everyone to sell standalone templates creates multiple risks for all of us - CNVS as a brand, you as a commercial user, and me as a hard-workin' gal just try'na build a business.

If you find this to be a blocker, or want to register interest for a future 'Seller's License', fill in the below form.

Register interest in publicly distributing templates

And hey in the meantime, if you want custom designs to sell as templates, I know someone who can help - she's over here...  😉

Start your visual journey with CNVS today