Colour Palette Template

A-hoy my fellow colour fanatics!

It’s a simple one, but an oh-so-useful-and-pretty one.

There came a time when we were referencing our colour palette far too often and we didn’t have a formal reference in Miro… So we created a colour palette template, and you can use it for your colours too!

Colour palette template in Miro for primary and secondary colours plus shading

Who can use it

  • Marketers or designers can present color swatches as part of their moodboards, projects, brand styleguides, or as a reference file.
  • Those who like to integrate Miro sticky notes into their designs - having a reference handy makes things super easy!

When to use it?

  • As a communication tool to standardise the colors in your team
  • To present shades as part of a design concept or moodboard
  • To define your brand in a playful format
  • To integrate the colours of the Miro sticky notes into your designs

What are the benefits?

  • Be playful with how you represent your brand
  • Be consistent with your colour choices
  • Communicate standard colours choices your team

How do you use it

Step 1

Grab the Miro template on Miroverse

Step 2

Change the Primary and Secondary colours (plus hex codes) to your own

Hand-drawn colour palette template on Miroverse for branding, marketing and visual design guidelines

Step 3

For design cohesion, integrate the standard Miro Sticky Note colours into your designs (if you use Miro), or a standard colour set you define yourself in other tools.

Playful hand-drawn miro sticky note colour palette as a Miroverse template

Step 4

Define colour hues for light and dark emphasis

Playful illustrated colour palette template on Miro for Marketers and Brand Designers

Step 5.

Share with your team, or save as a self-reference, or incorporate into your client work

Et voilà, enjoy!

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