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460+ Icons

Another essential to our toolkits! No communication tool is complete, without some... communication!

Use the different illustrations to communicate different moods, conversations, and voices in the room.

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Hand drawn human walking out of a laptop holding a box overflowing with icons and illustrations from the CNVS visual library


Here's a luscious list of everything you'll be able to download immediately...
Speech Bubbles

The good old trusty speech bubble 🙌. handy for calling out information, and making a conversation out of your information, and your little CNVS people.
Best used for: 
Call-outs, questions, important information, conversations.

Thought Bubbles

Who doesn't love a thought bubble or two? Use these to communicate questions your audience might be asking, or topics to consider
Best used for: 
Anticipating your audience's questions and emotions


The equivalent of our own emoji collection. From thumbs ups, question marks, poops, and lightning bolts. You'll find a variety of teeny visual stamps with which to punctuate your work.
Best used for: 
Communicating opinions with quick visual responses

A hand drawn laptop with hand drawn icons and illustrations leaping out from the CNVS visual facilitation kit for workshop templates


We'll typically release a bulk update every 6 weeks. Updates can be brand new collections, extensions to existing collections, and bug fixes.
Single Collections
You'll receive continual updates to the collection you've purchased for life
Full CNVS Collection
You'll receive updates to the full collection for a year after your purchase date, plus be able to offer ideas and put your vote in for next releases.

Save over $20,000 and over 1,000 hours of design time

We’ve already put in over 1,000 hours of design time, and the clock is still ticking.

If we were to go for the lowest design rate of $20 / hr (which, for the record, is unthinkably low for design work of any kind), then this collection is already worth $20,000.

Kowabunga dudes and dudettes! What are you waiting for?

Hand drawn piggy bank with money and clocks falling around
Hand drawn fairytale castle with floating clouds and a moat

Early access to new releases

As soon as you purchase, you’ll get access to our full illustration collection,  and get first opportunity to get your hands on new collections.

Submit new ideas and vote for next collections

You heard it right, as a member, you get voting rights! And can request new ideas.

Every quarter we'll pull in a hawl of ideas and votes for your upcoming design arsenal. Get ready to shape the library you need!

Illustrated hand dropping a vote into the ballot box

What others are saying...

So remind me, what's so great about CNVS?

Hand drawn icon of refresh arrows
Consistent style
Hand drawn icon of an approval badge
Professionally designed
Customise to your brand
Drag and Drop App
Hand drawn icon of an svg file
Multi-export formats
Hand drawn icon of a variety of shapes
Hand drawn icon of a magic wand
Easy to use
Hand drawn icon of refresh arrows
Regular Collections
Request content
Hand drawn icon of a loveheart with an arrow
No more boring documents

Need to know more?

We’ve got loads more info for you depending on what you need.
hand drawn illustration of a winding path connected by a bridge with map pin icons along the journey from the CNVS visual design icon collection


Discover what’s in the CNVS icon set, how to create with it, and how it can help make your life beautifully visual.
Hand drawn illustration of a person searching through a forest of trees with a magnifying glass for a diamod from the CNVS illustration collection


From a functional perspective - searching, organising, personalization and more.
Hand drawn illustration of a mailbox with an envelope and lots of other icons form the CNVS hand drawn icon set flying into the mail box